July 28, 2016

Please click below to download the corresponding applications:

Pre-Application for Initial Institutional Accreditation

Pre-Application Addendum

Application for Institutional Accreditation
Application for Programmatic Accreditation
Application for Initial Programmatic Accreditation for a Surgical Technology Program (applicable to ABHES Accredited Institutional Members only)

Application for Reclassification to a Main Campus

Application for Approval to Conduct "Other Business" on School Premises

Application for Non-Main Campus Inclusion

Application for Satellite Campus Inclusion
Application for Separate Classroom Inclusion 

Application for Change in Accreditation Status
Application for Change in Location                                                                                                                     Application for Change of Mission
Application for Change in Ownership or Control for Institutional Members
Application for Change in Ownership or Control for Programmatic Members
Application for Change in School Name

Application for Distance Education Delivery                                                                                                   Application for Expansion of Distance Education Delivery
Application for Approval of Shared or Common Distance Education Courses
Distance Education Addendum to New and Revised Program Applications


Application for Change in Academic Measurement
Application for Exclusion of Continuing Education Courses or Program

Application for Change in Additional Outside (Student Preparation) Hours

Application for Minor Program Revision (25% or less change of program content)
Application for Substantive Program Revision (26% - 50% change of program content)
Application for New Program Approval (new program or more than 50% change of current program content)