March 24, 2017

ABHES staff is here to provide assistance and guidance.  Below is a staff list, including primary responsibilities, not all inclusive.  Due to the high level of staff travel, it is normally most effective to use e-mail to contact staff.
Florence Tate
Executive Director
India Y. Tips
Assistant Executive Director
●Annual Calendar
●Annual Conference
●Initial and Renewal Application Process
●Standards Development
Christy Baily-Byers
Manager of Training & Distance Education Development
●Evaluator Training (Live and Online)
●Distance Education Delivery (application required)
●Expansion of Distance Education Delivery (application required)
●Shared of Common Distance Education Courses (application required)
Naomi Blake
Accreditation Coordinator
●Accreditation Confirmation
●Change in Location (application required)
Kyle Boyles 
Accreditation Coordinator
●Financial Review
Eileen M. Brennan
Director of Accreditation
●Addition of Non-Main Campus, Satellite Campus, and/or Separate Classroom (application required)
●Change in Control (application required)
Brandy Clinkscale
Office Manager
●General Inquiries
Kelly Costello
Senior Accreditation Coordinator
●Change in Status (application required)
●Complaints (see Website for submission directions)
Mary Margaret Coughlin
Manager of Programs
●Change in Additional Outside Hours (application required)
●Clock to Credit Conversion (application required)
●Complaints (see Website for submission directions)
●Discontinuation of Programs (notification required)
●Exclusion of Continuing Education or Programs (application required)
●Exhibitor and Sponsorship Activities for Annual Conference
●Minor Program Revisions (application required)
Holly Doering
Manager of Compliance, Development and Quality Assurance
●Accreditation Management System
●Annual Reporting
●Annual Report Management System
Laurie Hart
Administrative Assistant 
Wazhma Ibrahim 
Accreditation Coordinator 
Enoch Kasambara
●Expense Reimbursements
Joyce E. Laing
Director of Programs, Curricula and Financial Assessment
●Contractual Training and Articulation Proposals
●New Program (application required)
●Substantive Program Revision (application required)
Tammy Llewellyn
Manager of Operations
●Expense Reimbursements
Kimberly Neuenschwander - Hurley
Accreditation Coordinator
Amy Rowe
Director of Institutional Review and Development
●Annual Reporting
●Annual Report Management System
●Standards Development
●Website Development
Julia Scanlon
Accreditation Coordinator