December 15, 2019
Becoming an ABHES Evaluator


The Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) encourages qualified educators and practitioners to serve as volunteer reviewers on institutional and programmatic visitation teams. The peer evaluator role is critical to the accreditation process and specialists in numerous healthcare disciplines are invited to participate.

Individuals possessing leadership abilities and experience in school management, including the review of student outcomes, may serve as Administrative Team Leaders. Individuals possessing an expertise in fields such as Medical Assisting, Surgical Technology, Health Information Technology, Nursing, and Distance Education, among others,  may serve as Program Specialists.  (See the Evaluator Application for a list of specialty areas.)

Evaluators are called upon to participate in approximately one to four site visits per year, depending upon need and availability.  All approved travel expenses incurred during the site visit are reimbursed, and a small honorarium is provided in appreciation of the evaluator's service and commitment.

While serving as an evaluator requires time away from work and home, the benefits of participating in on-site accreditation visits are immeasurable for the participating evaluators, their home institutions, and the institutions being visited.  Not only does the training and participation heighten one’s level of awareness and understanding of accreditation requirements -- it also provides the ability to observe from the inside how other institutions and programs operate. Participating on an evaluation team is an invaluable experience.

If you are interested in serving as an on-site evaluator for ABHES, please review the Education, Experience and Training Requirements; and submit a completed ABHES Evaluator Application and a current resume or curriculum vitae to  Once all required documents are processed, evaluators will be contacted regarding  upcoming training opportunities.

Thank you for your consideration; we appreciate you willingness to serve as an on-site evaluator for ABHES.