May 28, 2016
Accreditation Timeline


ABHES has two travel cycles per year.  The first travel cycle is from February through early May for Commission review in July; and the second travel cycle is from August through early November for Commission review in the following January. 
***RENEWAL Applicants are provided Self Evaluation Reports (SER) for completion approximately 12-18 months prior to the expiration of a grant of accreditation.  The Renewal Application and SER’s are emailed to selected schools in January and June of each year.  


Accreditation Workshop attendance is required within 12 months of the SER deadline.  Workshops are held in February, September and October of each year.  Visit Listing of Workshops for current workshop listing and/or to register online.

Initial Applications RECEIVED between February 2016 and July 2016
 PROGRAMMATIC SER’s due November 1, 2016
• On-Site Team Visit between February and early May 2017
• Reviewed by the Commission at its July 2017 Meeting

INSTITUTIONAL Draft SER due November 1, 2016
• Prelim Visitation between February and April 2017
• Final SER due May 1, 2017
• On-Site Team Visit between August and early November 2017
• Reviewed by the Commission at its January 2018 Meeting