December 15, 2019
For Students

As a student entering a postsecondary institution, it is necessary that you carefully weigh the requirements of  the profession and consider your training choices. As an adult, you cannot rely upon anyone but yourself to determine your future. Continuing your education is an investment that requires careful research and consideration. You may wish to consider some of the following questions: What type of educational program interests you?  Which institutions offer such programs?  Are these programs accredited? In what type of occupation do you believe you are capable of entering and what is the potential for your success?  What are the best career opportunities in your community? Do you wish to take classes on ground or online? Learn all you can from your community, the institution you plan to attend and beyond. Answering a few additional key questions might also help you to finalize your decision, questions such as:

1.      What are the responsibilities of the position and the employment outlook?
2.      Do the responsibilities and the job suit your needs?

3.      Is an external experience required as part of the educational program and, if so, will these experiences be provided by the institution? How far will you need to travel to obtain this experience and what are the days/hours required?

4.      Is a credential (e.g., licensure) after graduation required to become employed? What is the cost of taking this licensure/credential?

5.      If a credential is required, will you be eligible to sit for the exam upon graduation?  Will your new credential give you the ability to seek employment in another state as well?

6.   If additional education in the chosen field is available or will be necessary, will credits from the institution you plan to attend transfer to the other institution offering the higher degree level?

As an incoming student, it is your responsibility to explore carefully the program you plan to enter and what it might offer you relative to future employment and advancement in the field you choose.  It is all about you and up to you! We wish you all the best in your decision making!