December 15, 2019
News in 2018

12-21-2018Call for Commissioner Nominations

Call for Commissioner Nominations


12-20-2018Commissioner Appointment

Commissioner Appointment


12-20-2018Separate Educational Center Classifications

Separate Educational Center Classifications


12-13-2018Medical Prep Institute, Tampa, Florida

The Appeal Panel of the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) has affirmed the decision of the ABHES Commission to deny the accreditation of Medical Prep Institute, located in Tampa, Florida.  As a result, the accreditation expiration date for Medical Prep Institute, Tampa, Florida is April 12, 2019.   Final Action Letter   Institution Comments   Accreditation Confirmation   April 16, 2019 Letter...More


11-30-2018Upcoming January Commission Considerations

Upcoming January Commission Considerations


11-26-2018ABHES Accreditation Recognized for Pharmacy Technician Programs

ABHES Accreditation Recognized for Pharmacy Technician Programs


11-26-2018Final Revision to Chapter VIII - RT

Final Revision to Chapter VIII - RT


11-09-2018Christopher J. Eaton Scholarship

Christopher J. Eaton Scholarship


11-09-20182019 Master Teacher Award

2019 Master Teacher Award


10-23-2018Adonis College of Nursing Withdrawal

October 23, 2018 Pursuant to Chapter III.C of the ABHES Accreditation Manual, Adonis College of Nursing abandoned its opportunity to appeal the Commission’s action to withdraw accreditation from the institution; therefore, the withdrawal of Adonis College of Nursing’s accreditation is effective October 5, 2018....More


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