July 18, 2019
News in 2019

07-03-2019Commission Action: Ross Medical Education Center - Huntsville, AL

The Commission has acted pursuant to Chapter III.E.2.i of the Accreditation Manual to implement the decision of the Appeal Panel. The decision to withdraw program approval for the Dental Assistant – Diploma program is now final and not subject to further appeal. The last date of accreditation of the Dental Assistant -Diploma program, will be March 23, 2020, the date all current students are projected to complete the program according to a teach-out plan  approved by ABHES. Action Letter July 2, 2019 Action Letter July 11, 2019...More


07-03-2019Call for NCAHE Session Speakers

Call for NCAHE Session Speakers


06-18-2019July 2019 Commission Considerations

July 2019 Commission Considerations


06-17-2019Notice of Commissioner Nominating Committee Election

Notice of Commissioner Nominating Committee Election


06-03-2019June 2019 Call for Comment

June 2019 Call for Comment


05-21-2019Call for Nominations - Commissioner Nominating Committee

The Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES or the Commission) is seeking nominations to fill two seats on its Commissioner Nominating Committee per its Bylaws which describe the committee as follows (see letter c specific to this call for nominations):   Section 6.2.3.  Commissioner Nominating Committee.  The Committee is charged with preparing a list of nominations for the election and appointment of all commissioners, in accordance with Section 4.5.3 and Section 4.6.2. of these bylaws.  The Committee shall consist of five (5) members: (a) the Chair of the Commission; (b) two commissioners, one of whom must be a representative of the...More


05-17-2019Final Revisions to the Accreditation Manual - Effective Immediately

Final Revisions to the Accreditation Manual - Effective Immediately


05-10-2019Commissioner Appointment and Election Results 2019

Commissioner Appointment and Election Results 2019


04-22-20192019 Notice of Election

2019 Notice of Election


02-08-2019Call for Comment - V.I.1.d.

Call for Comment - V.I.1.d.


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