November 22, 2017

Success Stories

The Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) has always taken seriously its mission of ensuring that their accredited institutions and programs achieve and comply with the high standards necessary to effectively prepare students for careers in the health care industry.  Programs are measured by the competency of an institution’s faculty and staff, the amount of available resources, the quality of their training equipment, and the accessibility of externship facilities.  ABHES is responsible for ensuring schools are consistent in all areas pertaining to student instruction and training.

Student placement is one of the highest priorities of any school and ABHES is honored to provide the leadership and expertise to guide schools toward the highest standards of educational excellence.  Through our annual conference, workshops, and regular bulletins, ABHES is always there to provide essential information relating to employment trends, health technology advances, and educational innovations.  ABHES endeavors to push their accredited institutions and programs to new heights by keeping them abreast of methods to better serve their students.  The ever-worsening economy has made it impossible for schools to be ignorant of what is transpiring within their sector.  It is critical that standards of education set by ABHES remain consistent and graduates are well prepared to enter today’s hugely competitive marketplace.  The good news is that graduates are continuing to achieve success despite the economic downturn -- and in very high numbers.  ABHES frequently hears stories from faculty and staff of graduates starting rewarding careers in the health care field based on the education they received at ABHES-accredited institutions.  ABHES has discovered that the best indicator of a school’s success is the success of their students and we have decided that it’s finally time to give these stories the audience they deserve.

2011 Success Stories:

Tawnya Henry - Spencerian College, Louisville, KY

Ashley Nicholson - Pima Medical Institute, Albuquerque, NM

Amber Remer - Pima Medical Institute, Mesa, AZ