May 22, 2018

Annual Report Submission Update

The ABHES Annual Report portal is now active.  We apologize for any inconvenience for the temporary suspension. 

As a reminder, your institution's or program's completed Annual Report is due to ABHES today, Friday, October 28, 2011.  Please be advised that on Saturday, October 29, at 12:01am, the system will terminate and you will no longer have access to the Annual Report. 

Failure to submit the completed Annual Report within the prescribed time-frame, including sustaining fee, will result in a Commission directive to show cause why the institution or program should not have its accreditation withdrawn.  A $700.00 late fee will also be assessed.

If you have any questions following a review of the Annual Report Instruction Manual, please email us at and assistance will be provided to you in the order inquiries are received.  The Instruction Manual may be found at

Your Annual Report provides ABHES with essential membership information with regard to program offerings and institutional data.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Regards.