November 17, 2017

Employment Trends and Responsibilities

We are all too familiar with the economic decline and the heart-wrenching, life- altering affects it has had throughout the country. As an agency accrediting institutions and programs preparing individuals for careers in numerous health care fields, ABHES too is concerned despite the employment outlook in health care careers overall.

As an educator or administrator you have likely seen the positive outcome to the economic decline for your programs, which has resulted in a heightened number of individuals enrolling in need of retraining. This positive outcome however could be impaired with another probable result of the economic decline; namely, a decreased number of externship sites available to train your students, given hospital and other medical facility cut backs and closures. This trend potentially results in less employment opportunity for graduates despite client demand for services. Recent news of increased default rates adds to the dilemma.

The ABHES Commission urges its accredited institutions and programs to consider carefully, and immediately, externship availability by program, as applicable, and the current local employment demand in the fields in which you train when enrolling students. The involvement of program advisory boards, program directors, faculty, externship coordinators and placement personnel in determining knowledge and competency demands is essential.

Attached is a document entitled “Guidelines for Conducting a Market Survey”. We hope the guidelines will assist your institution or program in addressing the concerns noted above in this current and changing economic environment.

Guidelines for Conducting a Market Survey

If you would like to download the Employment Trends and Responsibilities Bulletin, please clikc below:

Employment Trends and Responsibilities