June 20, 2018

Call for Comment - Bylaws



TO:                  ABHES-accredited Institutions and Programs

FROM:            Carol Moneymaker, Executive Director

DATE:            July 30, 2013

SUBJECT:      Proposed Revisions to ABHES Bylaws – Call for Comment

At its July 2013 meeting, The Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) approved a number of amendments to its Bylaws. The proposed amendments predominantly focus on clarifying language, eliminating information that is non-essential to Bylaws, and revising language that puts unnecessary limits on how the Commission operates. 

ABHES seeks your consideration and input.  If you have any comments regarding the proposed amendments, please provide them on the attached Comment Form and submit them to cmoneymaker@abhes.org, or by mail or facsimile to the ABHES office, by August 30, 2013.  Comments will be considered by the Commission in September. 

Thank you in advance.

Attachments: Proposed Bylaws; Comment Form