November 17, 2017

2008-2009 Annual Reports Posted

The ABHES Annual Report is ready for your completion! Please visit, FORMS, Annual Report, to download the 2008-2009 Annual Report and applicable forms.  Institutions and programs accredited by ABHES are required to submit the completed Annual Report, including all required documentation, both on CD-Rom or Flash Drive and one hard copy. All information is due on or before Friday, October 30, 2009.  No extensions for submission will be granted.

Again, please save all documents to a CD-Rom or Flash Drive as “JPG, TIP, or Microsoft-Compatible” files to ensure that all documents are legible and organized.  If the documents are scanned per page and consist of more than two pages, please combine them into one document for ease of electronic review.

When saving to a CD-Rom or Flash Drive, a separate computer file is to be made and appropriately labeled for the Annual Report and the other required documents. Each document should be named according to its contents, in other words, the total number of files on the CD-Rom or Flash Drive is dependent on the report plus the number of documents saved.

All of the following items are required to be submitted on CD-Rom or Flash Drive as outlined above, plus one hard copy: 

• Current Catalog
• Audited Financial Statements (institutional members only)
• Ownership/Control Disclosure Form
• Financial Delineation Form
• Authorized Institutional Representative Form (if applicable)
• Completed Annual Report
The annual sustaining fee must accompany the submission of the CD-Rom or Flash Drive and hard copy report and requisite attachments.   

Important Information Regarding the 2008-2009 Annual Report

Annual Report Verification Process 

Supporting documentation for reported outcomes is not required to be submitted with the Annual Report but, instead, a random selection of institutions and programs will be made and those chosen will be required to submit all pertinent documentation to support the retention, credentialing/licensure, and placement rates listed in the corresponding Annual Report.

Notification of selection for the Annual Report verification process will be forwarded to those selected to participate, and they will be required to submit applicable supporting documentation to ABHES within 15 calendar days from the date of the notification letter. 

As always, accredited institutions and programs will be required to provide the Annual Report supporting documentation to the evaluation team members (e.g. recycle, unannounced, or change visits) for verification purposes during on-site visits.  Therefore, it is necessary that all institutions and programs maintain complete back-up documentation to verify all statistics reported in the Annual Report.  

Programmatic Accreditation

A programmatic Annual Report for each program (MA, MLT and ST) must be completed by all institutions holding programmatic accreditation for medical assisting, medical laboratory technology, and/or surgical technology that are not institutionally-accredited by ABHES. 

Institutional Accreditation

Those institutions holding both institutional and surgical technology programmatic accreditation need only complete the institutional Annual Report as the institutional Annual Report includes specific questions (questions 17-24 of the institutional annual report) relative to surgical technology programs.  This section is to be completed by any institutional member that offers a Surgical Technology program. 

A few reminders:

1. Each main, non-main and satellite campus must complete a separate Annual Report and pay a separate sustaining fee.

2. Students taking a portion of training at an independently approved separate classroom are to be reported with the main or non-main campus to which they   are affiliated.

3. Extensions for submission of the Annual Report will not be granted.  Failure to respond to directives by deadline dates identified by the Commission may  result in a show-cause directive and subsequent withdrawal of accreditation.

Again, all completed Annual Reports must be submitted on or before Friday, October 30, 2009. No extensions will be granted.  Please visit, FORMS, Annual Report to download the required documents. 

Feel free to contact Amy Rowe at or call the ABHES office directly at (703) 917-9503 if you have any questions concerning completion of the report.  Thank you.