September 19, 2019

Message from Robert Johnson

Message from Robert Johnson, Executive Director of (CAPPS), to
Carol Moneymaker, Executive Director of ABHES
September 12, 2009

At 1:15 am Saturday, September 12, 2009, the California State Assembly passed AB 48. This comes after the State Senate passed AB 48 several hours earlier in the evening yesterday.
This action virtually assures that California will have an oversight law effective Jan.1 2010.
The California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools (CAPPS) is thrilled that after the last five years of attempting to replace the former set of laws that lead to California having a reputation as a State that was anti-school, we have a law that is tough but fair.
I know you have been following our struggle and I wanted you to be among the first to know. We will be sending out more formal notices shortly but feel free to forward this email. We have many to thank for this hard won victory, especially faithful CAPPS members who have, lobbied, written, emailed, phoned, faxed and did everything except send carrier pigeons are our behalf over the last five years. We are so grateful. Thank you, thank you. All your hard work has finally paid off.
I think this will be the most joyous Annual Conference that we have had in a long time and I look forward to seeing you there. We have confirmed the author of AB 48 will be speaking.
Most Fond Regards,

CAPPS Annual Conference: October 14-16, 2009
Los Angeles, CA