November 22, 2017

Update on Expansion of Scope

On Wednesday, February 22, 2017, the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (“NACIQI”) voted to deny ABHES’ request for an expansion of scope to accredit programs at the Master’s Degree level.  In doing so, the NACIQI refused to accept a recommendation by the staff of the Department of Education finding that ABHES had met all pertinent recognition criteria and that the expansion should be granted without qualification.  A final decision on the matter rests with the Senior Department Official at the Department of Education.  ABHES intends to submit comments to the Department regarding the NACIQI recommendation.
Florence Tate, ABHES Executive Director issued the following media statement


“We are disappointed by the NACIQI’s action yesterday and agree with the Department staff’s careful analysis and finding that ABHES was in compliance with the recognition criteria and deserves approval of the expansion of scope.  We believe that the NACIQI’s decision was flawed in several respects that we intend to highlight in our response. ABHES will continue to work diligently to obtain approval for the expansion from the Department and, as always, continue our efforts to assure the quality and effectiveness of our institutions and programs in service of students.”