November 22, 2017

California Law


March 8, 2010

As you are aware, on January 1, 2010, The California Private Postsecondary Act of 2009 (Act) took effect implementing new state regulations for private postsecondary institutions in California. The new Act contains provisions for approval by accreditation and with that approval the ability for institutions to make substantive changes as outlined in California Education Code section 94896. Keep in mind that in order for institutions to become approved by accreditation the institution must apply; this is not an automatic process.

When an institution applies for approval by means of accreditation they need to submit a “certification" from ABHES that lists the following:

a) Institutional Ownership
b) Locations (main, branches and satellites)
c) Approved Programs
d) Accreditation Period
e) Signature from the Accreditor

Substantive changes may be approved by ABHES prior to being noticed to the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) only if the institution is approved by means of accreditation. ABHES allows for this process. If the institution does not have approval by means of accreditation, regardless of whether or not they are accredited, they must complete the regular substantive change process required of the BPPE. Once an application for approval by accreditation is approved, ABHES will be notified by the BPPE.

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