November 17, 2017

Annual Report & Financial Statement Update

July 23, 2010

Annual Report

The 2009-2010 ABHES Annual Report will be completed and submitted online this year.   In early September your institution will receive an email from ABHES with your institution’s log in and password to begin the submission process.   

In addition to the Annual Report being completed and submitted online we will be requiring all institutions and programs to submit back-up documentation for reported outcomes (e.g., retention, credentialing/licensure, placement).  These will be required to be submitted separately at the end of the report.  Your annual report will not be considered complete and will not be accepted if these items are not uploaded.  More instruction will be provided with the Annual Report instructions.

Audited Financial Statements

As a reminder, in order to maintain institutional accreditation with ABHES, schools must submit annually their audited financial statements. As the fiscal year-end date varies among institutions, ABHES will no longer require the submission of the financial statements along with the Annual Report, but instead require the following:

Schools holding institutional accreditation by ABHES must submit audited financial and other statements to the Commission within six months after the completion of their fiscal year or 30 days after an audit is released, whichever is earlier. Audited statements must be prepared according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) on an accrual basis. The audited financial statements and other statements (if any) must be emailed to:  The subject line must include the ABHES ID# and institution’s name.

This new requirement is effective immediately. Failure to respond to directives by deadline dates identified by the Commission will result in a show-cause directive or withdrawal of accreditation.