May 22, 2018

Staff News

September 27, 2010

I am pleased to announce two ABHES staff members have been promoted to new positions, effective October 1, 2010.  India Tips, who celebrates her 15th year with ABHES in November, will assume the position Assistant Executive Director. Kelli Blocher, who has served as Accreditation Coordinator since 2007, will assume the position Accreditation Specialist. 

Both ladies are to be commended for their exceptional service, work ethic, and dedication to ABHES and accreditation as a whole. I know you will join me in congratulating each of them on a job well done!

Additionally, Holly Viar joined us on May 24, 2010, as Administrative Assistant.  Holly works closely with Judy Burke, Office Manager, and serves as the receptionist with her primary functions focused on staff support., About Us, Career Opportunities links.  The deadline for application, in accordance with the guidelines contained in the advertisement, is October 8, 2010.