December 15, 2019
School Closure Guide

School Closure and Program Discontinuation

A key focus of ABHES' accreditation oversight is to ensure that an institution or program accredited by ABHES is operating in compliance with its accreditation standards, policies, and procedures. An institution that closes or plans to close, or a program that ceases or plans to cease operation, may lack sufficient financial resources to effectively operate the school or program and to fullfill its obligations to students. In such cases, and institution or program may be required to submit a teach-out plan so that ABHES can monitor the services provided to students. ABHES works with the institution or program in hopes of continuing the accreditation through a teach-out.

For students participating in Title IV federal programs, the U.S. Department of Education has prepared a guide to assist in sorting out some options available for students attending a school that will be closing to help students take the necessary steps to continue their education. This guide includes information on finding a teach-out or transfer program, financing, federal aid, academic records, and tuition recovery (if applicable to your state). The U.S. Department of Education, Accrediting Bodies, State Licensing Agencies, and Guarantee Agencies may assist you with various aspects of the process.

For Closed School Guide for Students, please click below.

Closed School Guide for Students