December 15, 2019
Self-Evaluation Report

A Self-Evaluation Report is a core component of the accreditation process. In preparing a Self-Evaluation Report, an applicant institution involves broad participation from all appropriate constituencies. This participation includes the chief executive officer, site administrator, program or education director(s), instructors, students, graduates, employers, consultants or advisors and other appropriate constituents in the local community, including advisory board members.

A Self-Evaluation Report is confidential, restricted primarily to Commissioners, staff members, and evaluators.

The Self-Evaluation Report (narrative and exhibits) must be accurate, thorough, fully documented, and submitted in English. Once the Self-Evaluation Report is submitted no changes are permitted. After submission of the final Self-Evaluation Report, and prior to the evaluation visit, changes must be reported on the Updated Information Form.


Please click the below links for the most current version of the Self-Evaluation Report (SER) and SER Instructions.

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